Rolling mills companies have a high task to manufacture high-quality iron and steel from raw material to the final product. The various processes used in the overall factory are challenging and pose a risk even to human health. Similarly, they operate under very high temperatures which pose a threat of damage to the machines. Managers and owners thus have a decisive mandate to set the best maintenance to the factory machines. If you are setting up such a factory, you can consider rolling mill solutions by Agilis Technology for better performance and best safety of your staff.

How Agilis Technology assists rolling mill companies

The current challenges in rolling mill companies

rolling mill companiesAbout operations, the high temperatures that these factories must operate during heating of the metals pose a challenge both to staff and the machines at large. Additionally, the fumes can be a health hazard if people breathe it in for long. According to health experts, staff who are exposed to this kind of environment have a higher risk of contracting breathing problems. The last challenge is the potential for hot air to condense on surfaces which can cause moist damage to computers and the internal parts of the machines.

What Agilis technology can offer

The mist eliminators - They target to use the most advanced and customized technology to eliminate the mist on the gas piping system which can affect the efficiency while heating the ore and other products. Similarly, they ensure that the emissions have eliminated all the harmful particulates for the company to comply with environmental laws.

The commercial coolants - with this kind of high temperatures, most machines could fail especially those sensitive to it. So they need to be cooled back to normal optimum operative temperatures for excellent performance.

Benefits of using Agilis technologies

agilis technologiesThey are the best in the world in providing reliable products that work. Their solutions range from rolling mills to marine where not many can reach. They boast to collect even the smallest water and mist droplet using their sophisticated machines. One must not worry about the space as the company has different sizes and shapes to fit in any corner of your factory. More so, they can customize it if all sizes are not convenient.


The company continues to grow on a daily basis to deliver better technologies that offer improved performance. They also update their clients for arranged upgrades on a mutual benefit. So, they are worth trying today for your rolling mill factory.