A QBCC license to all the professional in the construction industry in Queensland. This is a license that is given by the Queensland building and construction commission to govern the work of all the professionals in the construction industry. Having a qbcc license is always a plus, and it means a lot if you do your construction work in Queensland. Just like any other form of licensing, this is a license that is specifically for people who are already in the construction industry and already have enough experience in work.

Advantages of a QBCC license

High-value contract work

If you are a contractor and you are planning to take any construction work that is over $ 3000, then you must have a QBCCcontract work license. Without the license, you are online allowed to work as a sub-contractor under the supervision of a licensed contractor. This can be very frustrating especially if you have the right skills and experience that is required to do the job. We all know that being a subcontractor is not as rewarding as being the main contractor. If you feel that you have the capability of being a full contractor, then you should consider taking a QBCC license.

Supervising construction

To supervise construction work as a senior project manager, you need to have a QBCC license. This type of license will offer you the skills in leading a construction project up to completion. You need to have the skills that are needed to direct and lead a construction project. As a construction expert with a QBCC license, you will be able to access jobs that were not available to you due to the increased qualification that comes with this license.


Standards and competence in work

A QBCC license will give you the skills that are needed to lead the contract based on the needed standards and regulations. Construction in every part of the world is regulated by the government and the local authorities. You need to familiarize yourself with the regulation and standards of that particular area to avoid defects. Taking QBCC course work will familiarize you with all the standards of construction work in Queensland and make you better at the job.