Any pest can cause havoc in your house or businesses if control measures are not taken at the right time. They produce and spread bacteria which can cause illness. Several medicines and sprays for exterminating cockroaches are easily accessed in stores. The problem is that they may be harmful to your family members since they have strong chemicals. Therefore, the best approach is applying the following home remedies to kill cockroaches.

Use of boric acid

22mnddjkvjThis is arguably most used homemade cockroach exterminator. When they eat boric acid, they get dehydrated and eventually dies. The ones that feed on boric acid get back to their nest and introduce the killer to the ménage. To prepare, just mix three spoonfuls of boric acid and equal portions of water and sugar to make the paste. Put the paste in different areas of within your house where cockroaches live.

Sugar and Baking Soda

Baking soda is beneficial in various ways. And in this case, it can be used as a non-toxic cockroach repugnant since it works just like boric acid. You should mix even portions of water, sugar and baking soda. You should apply this mixture in parts which are typically house cockroaches.

Soap and Water

Another effective approach is by mixing a cup of water with one teaspoon of powder soap. Then drain the solution to a spraying bottle. After this, spray the mixture on cockroaches and their hiding place should you see them. The mixture is used to suffocate them since soap suds block their utricles and prevent them from breathing.

Use of catnips

This is one of the most natural and safest cockroach exterminators. It contains a very active component called nepetalactone. this component is not toxic to you and your animals. You should put some catnip in cockroach packed areas within your house. you can prepare catnip tea by simmering some catnip in water then spray your catnip tea to the infested areas.

Petroleum jelly trap

Another creative way of dealing with this creatures is by using petroleum jelly. You should line the lip of your petroleum jelly jar then leave it throughout the night with food on it as a cockroach trap. When they come to feed they will get stuck on the jelly. They will not escape because petroleum jelly is sticky.


The use of mothballs is one of the oldest approaches of killing most household pests. It is most effective especially when you do not want them in your bedroom closet or your cloth drawers. It is very simple, just put mothballs in an area that are infested by cockroaches.

Use of Mint Oil

Mint oil is used as an ingredient in various non-toxic cockroach sprays. This mint oil sprays do not kill as quick as common poisons, but if you have pets and small kids in the house they are the best option.

Ammonia Solution

cockroachAmmonia is one of the best cockroach home remedies in different levels of infestation. Ammonia has got a pungent smell wards of the cockroaches from their hiding places. Cockroaches normally stay in the drain pipes and kitchen sinks. Just add a cup full of ammonia solution in a water container then flush down the drain pipe and sinks in your house.